Founder of California Center Discusses International Trade -Skills for Success in Multinational Business

September 19th, 2014

San Francisco (CA) – The 3rd Annual California Asian Business Summit was successfully held on Thursday and Friday, September 18th and 19th at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.  During the summit, Margaret Wong, the founder of California Center, served as moderator for the breakout session titled International Trade-Skills for Success in Multinational Business. The four panelists who joined the session were Charlie Sweat, CEO and founder of Frequentz, Inc. and former CEO of Earthbound Farm; Steven Schafer, Vice President of Chic Foods Co. Ltd. and former managing director of Tropicana in China; Jennie Garcia, Vice President – Investment Banking and Markets of Union Bank; and Jason Huck, Senior Vice President Head of Americas, HSBC Bank (China).

During the discussion, the panelist mainly discussed doing business in China. Two important takeaways of the discussion were how Guanxi plays a very important role in doing business successfully in China; and how businesses can ensure payment of goods before shipping their products to China.




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