Margaret Wong, President of California Center and McWong Environmental Technology, joins for Special Presidential Trade Mission to China – Attends meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

April 13th, 2015 

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with a U.S. presidential trade mission in Beijing on April 13, 2015 , urging stronger cooperation with the United States in clean energy, environmental protection and other areas.

US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker (L) and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ( R)


The delegation, consisting of 24 U.S. business leaders in the clean technology field, is the first-ever presidential trade mission sent to China by the Obama administration. Margaret Wong , President of California Center and McWong Environmental Technology (MET), an environmental engineering company headquartered in Sacramento with offices in Shanghai and Beijing, joined the mission with the other 23 U.S. business leaders. During the trade mission MET will be sharing with U.S. and China leaders its strong presence in China and the business opportunities for US environmental and energy efficient technology and services in particularly related to clean water, smart cities and the latest waste water treatment technologies that the U.S. can offer. “We are very proud to be the only Sacramento area company(MET) selected to join this group of world-class innovation leaders from the United States, all working for the common cause of decreasing harmful pollutants of water and air creating increased economic opportunity globally,” said Margaret Wong, President and CEO of MET.

Penny Pritzker-U.S Commerce  Secretary (R1); Margaret Wong-President of California Center (R2)

Penny Pritzker-U.S Commerce Secretary (R1); Margaret Wong-President of California Center (R2)

“China is accelerating a new type of ‘people-oriented’ urbanization plan, which offers a huge market for the advanced technology and management experience of the United States,” Li told the delegation led by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. Pritzker told Li that the mission shows how important the U.S. government considers its trade ties with China.

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Li urged combining U.S. technology, regulation and experience with competitive Chinese equipment and industries to jointly explore third markets. “This will help boost balanced growth of our two-way trade,” he added. Li said China is willing to enhance strategic trust and substantial cooperation with the United States, properly manage differences and jointly cope with regional and global challenges. Calling trade ties a “ballast” in China-U.S. ties, Li said the two economies are highly compatible, and both countries enjoy huge cooperation prospects in such areas as infrastructure, energy, information and environmental protection.

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Premier Li called on both sides to facilitate negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) to reach a “high-level and balanced” agreement at an early date. China’s reform and opening-up policy and its commitment to World Trade Organization regulations will remain unchanged, he said. “China will continue to open wider to the world and will have a more transparent and predictable market,” said the premier. He welcomed companies from various countries to enter the Chinese market and enjoy fair play. Li pledged to treat Chinese and foreign companies equally and better protect intellectual property rights. The Chinese premier called on the U.S. side to ease high-tech exports to China and take effective measures to make Chinese investment in the United States more convenient.

Margaret Wong joined US Presidential Trade Mission

Pritzker told Li the U.S. side is ready to boost cooperation with China in areas such as clean technology, energy conservation and environmental protection. She welcomed U.S.-China joint cooperation in developing third markets, and welcomed more Chinese companies to invest in the United States. The United States will elevate BIT negotiations with China in a constructive manner in an effort to reach a list acceptable to both as soon as possible, Pritzker said.

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More Information about McWong Environmental Technology:


McWong has engineered, built, and operated numerous industrial wastewater treatment facilities in China for the last 17 years, deploying technologies developed in the U.S.  Exporting environmental technologies in the form of U.S. made equipment to China has been a major part of its business. In recognizing McWong’s track record of exporting U.S. made equipment and technology, the company received the Small Business Administration’s Exporter of the Year Award for the Western Region in 2011, and the coveted U.S. Presidential “E” Award from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce in 2012.

During the trade mission, MET will be sharing details with many China and U.S. business leaders and high-level government officials about its current environmental projects; including its major recent Environmental Energy Management Contract (EEMC) in Anhui Province with COFCO, a global fortune 500 Company and largest supplier of diversified products and services in agriculture and food industry in China; and its Zero Liquid Discharge project in Inner Mongolia with Mengda New Energy Chemical Co. Ltd., which showcases use of innovative U.S. technologies –  these efforts illustrate MET’s commitment to creating smart growth and low carbon foot print solutions on a global scale.  In addition to these projects, MET will highlight its major contributions to bridge China and U.S. efforts, and its ability to create environmentally green solutions, as it is doing for Tianjin Pipe Corporation by designing and constructing a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system for them at their 253 acre facility in Gregory, Texas.

“Efforts like the retrofit and EEMC for COFCO will bring great energy efficiency and wise use of energy resources, benefitting the entire Anhui Province.  These are the kind of Smart City solutions we have the unique capability to provide and wish to promote all throughout China” added Wong.

With the support of the U.S. government, MET will continue to make history this year by introducing EEMC business modes to more Chinese projects, helping companies to upgrade their plants and save energy for the creation of Smart Cities.


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