Weekly US-China News Issues: Mar 15th, 2016


Starwood Gets Offer From Group Led by Anbang, Threatening Marriott Deal – Wall Street Journal

Ali sports:  Turning Chinese Consumers Into Sports Lovers – Alizila

The 4 Kinds of Chinese Consumers Who Spend $7 a Day – Fortune

China to boost entrepreneurship to drive job growth – Nikkei Asian Review


Alibaba Winning China’s Mobile Ad Market – Alizila

Ma Vows Strong Commitment To Anti-Counterfeit Efforts – Alizila

Amazon.com’s primary e-commerce website back up after outage – Reuters

Upwardly mobile: Alibaba to gobble up 50 percent of mobile internet ad spending in China, again –   South China Morning post

Food & Ag

Bite-size options become a menu must-have – Food Business News

Shanghai’s new housing market remains buoyant – Shanghai Daily

Beijing seen as gaining ground in battle to curb illegal online lending to housing market – South China Morning post

China business Insight

Slower economy ‘won’t deter anti-pollution efforts’ – China Daily

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