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California Center Hosts Governor Brown and U.S. Consul General Greene for Business Engagement during Governor’s Historic Visit to Chengdu, China


SACRAMENTO, CA – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. was hosted by the California Center over the weekend in Chengdu for a special business breakfast event during his historic visit to Sichuan Province, China.  Governor Brown is the first sitting California Governor on record to visit Sichuan, and made immediate use of his time by meeting with several key U.S. companies gathered together, to share with the Governor aspects of their experiences working in the region to further advance business relationships and clean energy cooperation.




California Governor Jerry Brown

“Much credit has to be given to the Governor for understanding the critical role U.S. companies are playing in this vitally important economic region of China, and we were honored to be able to host this important business engagement,” said California Center’s President/CEO, Margaret Wong.  “Chengdu and the Sichuan Province are the gateway to the ‘Silk Road’ which is a prominent and strategic focus of China’s economic plan that focuses on connectivity and cooperation – there is no better location than Chengdu for seeing first-hand the level of dedicated cooperation occurring between our two countries, we are so excited the Governor made this stop a priority.” added Wong.


California Center CEO/President: Margaret Wong

Governor Brown’s message to the group of nearly thirty businesses and dozens of economic/political leaders remained focused on his primary purpose for this trip to China, which is to promote clean energy cooperation and mechanisms to reduce global emissions.

California Center has been a valuable resource and advocate for numerous clean tech company efforts in China and even helped to launch the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance focused on smart energy solutions between the U.S./China.  California Center also recently opened a new office in Chengdu and has created a seamless operation that includes: consulting, shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, sales transactions and customer services for U.S. companies trying to connect in China. Through California Center’s portals, Chinese buyers can navigate through listed California companies seamlessly and with great ease.   California Center also has been working in Sichuan to build unique opportunities in the areas of: sports, entertainment, theme parks, media, high-tech, medical industries, as well as education, to further connect U.S./California businesses, elite educational institutions and respected groups and/or programs with partners in China.

Governor Brown was joined by U.S. Consul Raymond Greene; the Mayor of Luzhou, Mr. Liu Qiang, the Chairman of the Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group, Mr. Guo Yong; Mary Nichols, Chairperson of the California Air Resources Board, as well as numerous top-level staff from the Governor’s team and Sichuan’s Bureau of Investment and Service representatives.


U.S. Consul Raymond Greene


Mayor of Luzhou Mr. Liu Qiang


Chairman of the Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group, Mr. Guo Yong

Notable U.S. heavy-hitters joining for the meaningful engagement with Sichuan corporations and the Governor included: Chevron, Tesla, McWong Environmental Energy Group, Dell EMC, and Tyco Electronics.

Taste of the Best China : A showcase of Celebrity Chefs

April 24th, 2017  (Davis, CA)  In collaboration with the California Center, the Confucius Institute and Global Affairs at UC Davis has successfully organized a great event ” Taste of the Best China: A showcase of Celebrity Chefs ” at Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, UC Davis.

Eight top Chinese chefs displayed their culinary skills and allowed the event participants to taste the authentic Chinese cuisines from different regions, such as Hangzhou Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Yanghzou Cuisine.  The delegation of Chinese chefs led by Beijing Celebrity Chef Technology Co. Ltd. is invited to participate in the annual World of Flavors  at California Institute of America in Napa Valley. It was such a great pleasure to bring them to Davis to showcase their culinary skills.





Scannable Document 2 on May 3, 2017, 2_59_41 PM


combination of cuisine

More photos can be found at our Facebook page



California Center Launches New Facility in Chengdu, China

California Center Makes a Splash in Chengdu, China with Grand Opening of New Business Connecting Facility in the Heart of the City’s High-Tech and Future City Center

U.S. Consul General Greene, Sichuan Province Officials and California State Representatives join with dozens of U.S. and Chinese Business Leaders to Celebrate New Home for Numerous Global Collaborations and Business Transactions

Nov. 16, 2016 (CHENGDU, CHINA)  – California Center launched its new business connecting facility in the heart of the new high-tech city center of Chengdu (the capitol of the Sichuan Province) today with numerous U.S. and China dignitaries and business leaders eager to forge new business relationships!


The opening of the new facility signals a major milestone, building on an agreement previously signed between California Governor Jerry Brown and Sichuan Party Secretary Wang Dongming, a little over a year ago during a U.S./China Governors’ conference held on the U.S. west coast.  The agreement called for increased collaboration in business, energy conservation, education, and cultural exchanges.  The California Center in Chengdu will serve as a hub for that activity and as a home for many California businesses.


“We are so moved by all the wonderful support and cooperation we have received from the highest levels in government and from both the U.S. and China business communities to make this state-of-the-art facility in Chengdu a reality,” said Margaret Wong, President/CEO of the California Center!




In attendance at the event were numerous dignitaries from both Sichuan and U.S./California, including: U.S. Consulate General Raymond Greene; Mr. Zhao Weiping, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government; former Republican Leader, Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas); California State Friendship Committee Members; Mayor-Elect/Assemblyman Donald Wagner (R-Irvine); Mayor of Luzhou and numerous officials from nearby Sichuan cities and districts.

At the celebration numerous projects related to new business in Sichuan were announced, including collaborations with major businesses like: Ledman, Dynacom and McWong.  Also heralded, were efforts underway with major universities like UCLA, and the announcement of unique emerging business opportunities in sports and entertainment throughout the Sichuan region.

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California Center Cross-Border E-Commerce Store:


Your are Invited to Join 2016 Business/Cultural Trade Mission to China!




California Center Led Chinese Delegation of All-China Bakery Association to Visit California Farms

October 13th, 2016 ( California) – California Center arranged a delegation of 70 people from All-China Bakery Association to visit Traina Foods and Heart Ridge Farms. Founded in 1996, All-China Bakery Associaton(ACBA) is a nationwide trade association under the leadership of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce(ACFIC).   Led by U.S. Foreign Commercial Service, the delegation first attended International Baking Industry Exposition LLC (IBIE) 2016 Show in Las Vegas from Oct. 8th to 11th. After that they came to California to meet with suppliers.


In the morning of  Oct. 13th, California Center led the group to visit the Traina Food,  which was founded  in 1926 and has been a full-scale provider of sun dried fruits and vegetables serving a global market.  Willie Traina , the CEO of Traina Foods and Tom Ielmini, Director of Industrial Sales welcomed the group and introduced the company and its products to the group.



Former WNBA legend Ruthie Bolton was  invited to the visit with the delegation. Her coming excited the group and everyone enjoyed taking photos with her.  Ruthie started as a college basketball player at Auburn in the 1980s. A few year later, she led the United States women’s basketball team to the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Los Angeles.


Ruthie Bolton (Left) with Willie Traina, CEO of Traina Foods

More Photo about Visit to Traina Foods  can be found on our Facebook page .


In the afternoon, California Center led the group to Visit Heart Ridge Farms, which produces the finest almonds in California. California Center has been working with Heart Ridge Farms since the beginning of 2016 and we are about to launch Heart Ridge Farms retail almonds in our E-commerce platform next Month. During the visit, Bill Pitman, the CEO of Heart Ridge Farms presented to the group the story behind Heart Ridge Farms and also introduced its proprietary ATS green processing technology which makes high-quality roasted almonds.   After the presentation, Bill led the group to visit the almond tree field to let the group understand how the trees are grown there.  The group were very excited to learn everything about Heart Ridge Farms and its products; they showed a lot interests in the bulk almonds that can be used for the food service industry.





Feihui (Left), Vice President of ACBA with Bill Pitman, CEO of Heart Ridge Farms


Lovely folks from Heart Ridge Farms

More Photo about Visit to Heart Ridge Farms  can be found on our Facebook page 


U.S. Smart Cities Alliance Members Engage World Leaders & Build Strategic Corporate Partnerships, During Successful 2016 Trade Mission to China

Delegation Initiates Multi-Million Dollar Contract & Sign Meaningful MOUs Paving the Way for U.S. Industries on Smart City/Clean Technologies.

June 20, 2016(Sacramento, CA). Nearly two-dozen U.S. high-tech/clean-tech companies and minority-owned businesses leaders joined with the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance (USSCA) over the last two weeks in China, for what proved to be a valuable and historic trade mission – with key stops in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and Shanghai.

The USSCA’s key goals for the mission were to engage in diplomatic relations and to share specific smart city development plans for collaboration; as well as to promote its existing on-the-ground pilot projects being initiated by USSCA and its strategic partners in China.

The meaningful effort was backed by the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA) and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).  ITA and MBDA both sent key leaders to join the group, including the Associate Director from the Office of Business Development at MBDA, Mr. Efrain Gonzalez Jr., who also represented interests of the White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders during key meetings with Sichuan Provincial Leaders.

“The success of the last two weeks by this world-class USSCA group of leaders exceeded even our own expectations coming into the trip,” said Margaret Wong, President/CEO of the Sacramento-based McWong Environmental Technology and USSCA Founding Member.  “Not only did we have the chance to promote our existing projects on the ground with world leaders and key media but also began serious negotiations for many new partnerships and collaborations with key China businesses and provincial leaders – all with the common goal of sound implementation of U.S. technologies to improve China’s environmental conditions and the quality of health and life for its residence,” added Wong.

In all, USSCA, engaged with key U.S. Officials and China Provincial-level leadership, signed four strategic MOUs, one JV contract worth over $10 million U.S., and held multiple media interviews with China TV and newspapers promoting U.S. technology and innovation during the trade mission.


Below is a list of specific highlights and accomplishments by the USSCA delegation during its fruitful 2016 trade mission to China (listed by city):


USSCA had meaningful engagement with U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry; U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Jonathan Pershing; U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Secretary, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall; and Mayor Wang Anshun of Beijing, as well as many other officials and business leaders during the 2nd Annual U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit, to discuss key issues related to climate change impacts globally.








During a breakout from the U.S. – China Climate Leaders Summit in Beijing, USSCA traveled to the nearby booming special development zone of Binhai New Area, in the city of Tianjin to support/promote a special smart city project being led by USSCA partner GE.  The project features energy efficient LED signals, smart circuit integrated lamp posts enabled with wifi, smart sensors, emergency devices, and numerous breakthrough “internet of things” technologies throughout the entire development zone.  Current Powered by GE is seeking more U.S. technology partners for the zone and USSCA is actively coordinating new opportunities for emerging and existing leaders in smart technology to join the impressive effort.  USSCA Team Coordinator/ Government Affairs Director, Gordon Hinkle of McWong Environmental Technology also provided promotional interviews to the local media touting GE’s impressive leadership and implementation of the project.天津1






 1. In the Tianfu New Area of Chengdu, USSCA along with key U.S. Department of Commerce Officials engaged in official dialogue with Provincial-level Leadership of the Sichuan Province, which included: Sichuan’s Director General, Mu Xinhai; U.S. Department of Commerce, Associate Director from the Office of Business Development at MBDA, Mr. Efrain Gonzalez Jr.; and U.S. ITA Commercial Specialist, Mr. Jeffrey Phillips during the historic meetings. After formal presentations a special ceremony was held to showcase four MOU signings between U.S./China companies and a Joint Venture Partnership for an industrial water treatment contract estimated at $60 Million.







Details of the JV and MOU Signings

  1. JV Agreement – McWong Environment Group & Luzhou Tianhua Chemical (Industrial Water Treatment contract valued at $60 million USD. ) 美国麦王环保公司-泸州天化集团:¥6千万美元合作协议。



  1. S./China MOU – Dynacom Corp & China Jiaotong Construction Group (Smart Traffic System) 美国达康公司-中国交通建设集团(智慧交通系统)


  1. S./China MOU – DAIS Analytic Corp & China Building Design Consultant Corp. (Nano Technology for Air & Water)美国德仕安科技公司-中国建筑设计咨询公司(绿色建筑空调供水系统)


  1. S./China MOU – Hollywood Mainstream Investment Corp & Sichuan Emei Film & TV Group (Movie studio & Theme parks)好莱坞银河文化投资有限公司-四川峨眉影视集团(影视基地与主题公园)


  1. S./China MOU – Rosen-Wang Global Partners & China Building Design Consultant Corp. (US Smart Farm Project) 罗森-王全球投资公司-中国建筑设计集团(智慧农业建设开发)

II.  USSCA Delegates meet with Senior Officials at the U.S. Consulate Office in Chengdu. – Sr. Commercial Representative Eric Hsu provides briefing to U.S. team on latest trends and issues in Chengdu and Sichuan Province.


III.  USSCA Member company, California Center Holds Soft Opening for its new State-of-the-Art Technology/Innovation/Commerce Facility in Chengdu. – Solidifies efforts and creates a noted milestone achievement between the State of California and Sichuan Province as stated in a previously signed MOU by Governor Jerry Brown and Secretary Wang Dongming.







Background: On September 22, 2015, a mutual cooperation and support agreement was signed specifically naming USSCA along with the California Center on low-carbon issues and business between the U.S. (State of California) and China (Sichuan Province)  – Singed by Secretary Wang Dongming and Governor Jerry Brown during President Xi’s visit with political leaders for a summit in the State of Washington, U.S.A..



USSCA engaged with top U.S. technical companies in the entertainment industry for the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo 2016.  Hundreds of U.S. leaders in technical arts and effects showcased their technology and expertise.  USSCA successfully connected specific companies from the U.S. and China for meaningful matchmaking sessions that could enhance benefit contract opportunities and U.S. exports to China in such areas as technology, design, consulting, lighting and system integrations.

上海1 上海2 上海3








  • Efrain Gonzalez, US DOC/MBDA, Business Development, Director  美国商务部代表
  • Jeffrey Phillips, US DOC/International Trade Administration,Commercial Officer 美国商务部代表
  • John Zhigang Dai: Rosen-Wang Global Partners; Chief China Representative 罗森-王全球投资公司
  • Jeffrey Chang: USSCA/CC: General Counsel 美国智慧城市联盟法律顾问
  • Bing Cheng, Grand Central Station Theme Park, CEO  美国火车主题公园总裁
  • Johnny Chon-Hon Hsu, CCE, Partner 美国好莱坞银河文化投资有限公司合伙人
  • Peter Bach: Dynacom Corp, VP 美国达康科技公司副总裁
  • Tim Tangredi: DAIS Analytics, CEO 美国德仕安科技公司总裁
  • Margaret Wong, California Center, Founder/CEO; USSCA original member  麦王环保总裁,加州中心总裁
  • Gordon Hinkle: California Center, VP; USSCA Director; Government Affairs Director, McWong Environmental Technology  加州中心副总裁
  • Charles Zheli Lu: Golden Globe Holding, CEO 美国金环球控股公司(环保科技)
  • Shu Yonghua: Dynacom Corp, Market Director 美国达康科技 市场总监
  • Steven Fan, California Center Chongqing director 加州中心重庆总监
  • John Wong, California Center senior advisor 加州中心资深顾问
  • Lin Zemin (Jason): Dynacom Corp. Project Manager 美国达康科技经理
  • Sophie Shaoping Wei: DAIS Analytic, Executive Assistant  美国德仕安科 技公司总裁助理
  • Jade Zhijue Feng; California Center: manager 加州中心四川经理
  • Alex Zhang, McWong Environment 麦王环保中国公司总裁





BINHAI NEW AREA (Smart City Project Site- GE) NEWS STORY:



Gordon J. Hinkle – Vice President/California Center


California Center reachs strategic partnership with OUJIAN, a Chinese leading cross-border business company


April 25th, 2016 ( Sacramento, CA) –  California Center today reached strategic partnership and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU)  with Shanghai OuJian Network Development Co., Ltd. (OUJIAN)  mainly on cross-border trading and eCommerce, international logistics, and Customs Clearance. The partnership will provide California Center members and suppliers with more resources and channels to enter into China market.

Headquartered at Yangpu District of Shanghai, OUJIAN is a leading cross-border business company in China, whose services include: customs declaration, freight forwarding, trading, finance, storage and transportation, and others, as well as its e-commerce platform YunMaoTong (


Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of OUJIAN, has been the top Customs broker in China for the past 8 years, and is the current vice chair company of China Customs Brokers Association.

xinhai - logo




Margaret Wong ( Left) – the Founder and CEO of California Center ; Jizhong Ge ( Right) – the President of OUJIAN and Managing Director of International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations (IFCBA)


The California Center is proud to be a supporting partner of the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance 2016 “Follow-On” Trade Mission to China

The California Center is proud to be a supporting partner of the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance 2016 “Follow-On” Trade Mission to China!


A Special Message from the U.S. State Department about the 2016 U.S./China Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Summit in Beijing:


We are delighted to announce that the 2016 U.S.-China Climate-Smart / Low-Carbon Cities Summit will take place in Beijing on June 7-8.  The Summit is an extraordinary opportunity for U.S. and Chinese state and local government, civil society, and private sector leaders to share experiences in building low-carbon, climate-resilient communities.  This major event demonstrates the ongoing strength of the U.S.-China bilateral relationship on climate change, as well as our two countries’ shared commitment to climate action following the successful Paris Agreement.

Highlights of last year’s summit, held in Los Angeles, included keynote addresses by U.S. Vice President Biden and China’s State Councilor Yang Jiechi; the signing by 24 state and local leaders of a first-of-its-kind “U.S.-China Climate Leaders Declaration”; attendance by over 500 people at six “breakout sessions” on low carbon city planning and implementation; and the launch of the “Alliance of Peaking Pioneer Cities” – Chinese cities committing to peak CO2 emissions earlier than China’s national goal of 2030.  A White House Fact Sheet summarizing last year’s summit is available here.

As in 2015, this year’s Summit will feature several high-level plenaries as well as a series of thematic breakout sessions, interspersed with key opportunities for networking with federal and sub-national government attendees and other civil society and private sector leaders.  It will also serve as a public platform for the announcement of new climate-related commitments and partnerships, which we strongly urge you to consider putting forward.  Finally, there will be a parallel low-carbon exhibition ongoing throughout the Summit.  More details about the program, and specific opportunities for participation, are forthcoming.

We hope that you will mark your calendars to join us, and leverage this opportunity to highlight your organization’s commitment to climate action on an international stage.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact me or my colleague, Emily Seen, at


Vance Wagner

David Vance Wagner
China Counsellor
Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change
U.S. Department of State

202-647-9678 (office)
202-341-4983 (mobile)

See below for more details on this unique trade mission and summit tailored specifically for U.S. leaders in clean, green and smart technologies.


Follow-On to “China Clean Technology – Business Development Mission” from April 2015 

Expand Your Business Opportunity in China!

About the Mission

This trade mission from June 6- June 12th will be a follow-on Trade Mission by the private sector to the April, 2015 Trade Mission led by the U.S. Department of  Energy and U.S. Department of Commerce (designated as official Presidential Trade Mission), which focused on assisting in identifying potential partners and strategies for U.S. companies in target clean energy sectors.  The companies involved have identified specific smart city/clean energy projects that have great potential for U.S. involvement and will be leading visits to those project sites located in Chengdu (Sichuan Province) and  participating in the 2nd Annual U.S./China Climate Leaders Summit in Beijing featuring top leaders from the U.S. and China (Last year’s event featured keynotes from Vice President Joe Biden).  Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Mission Goals

This trade mission will continue to build on U.S. commitment to sustaining economic partnerships in China and supporting the business development goals of U.S. firms by exploring potential collaboration and demonstration projects, and to create a foundation for future business in China for U.S. companies.

Industry Focus

– Clean/Green Energy

– Smart City Technologies

To Join the Delegation,  Please click the following link and fill out the forms:


Tentative Itinerary

*Subject to Changes

Monday, June 6  2016                                               

– Participants arrive in Beijing

Tuesday, June 7 2016

– Participate in 2nd Annual U.S./China Climate Leaders Summit

– Team display booth options available

Wednesday, June 8 2016

– Participate in 2nd Annual U.S./China Climate Leaders Summit

– Private team meetings with high-level U.S./China officials on smart city planning

Thursday, June 9 2016  

– Depart for Chengdu

– Tour local sights/Panda Experience

– Evening reception/tour Chengdu city nightscape

Friday, June 10 2016

– Embassy briefing on programs to support smart city/infrastructure in China

– Government meetings – Party Secretary of Sichuan Province

– Tour of Chengdu development area/high-tech zone

– Special presentation by USSCA team to Sichuan officials showcasing U.S. technologies

Saturday, June 11 2016

– Tour Tianfu New Area, U.S. Smart City Project site

– Explore existing foreign development sites

– Tour Meishan new development area

– Dinner with government leaders of Sichuan Province

Sunday, June 12 2016

– Return to United States on own itinerary

All size Companies (Small, Medium, Large)                           $4,900/person

*Includes flight from Beijing to Chengdu, hotel accommodations, meals, all ground transportation

For more information on how your company may qualify as a participant for this special trade mission, please contact:

Gordon Hinkle

Tel: 916-371-6886 ext. 30


* This trip is being organized by the U.S. Smart Cities Alliance and California Center in partnership with several U.S. private sector companies and supported by several U.S. Government Departments

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UCLA Extension luanchs its first Global Marketing program in China


Shanghai , China (March 25th, 2016)  – UCLA Extension, one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers,   launched its first program Global Marketing in Media, Sports & Entertainment  on March 25th in Shanghai, China. California Center provided all the marketing, recruitment and operation support to the program.

Students who attended the course are top managers from various companies, including Will’s Gym, LEDMAN Group,  Hunan Huasheng Media Broadcasting Company,  Sanxiang Huasheng Co Ltd of Hunan Daily Group, Shanghai International Marathon Organizing Committe, Shanghai Juss Event Management Co., Ltd.,  Chonqing Tinghui Advertising Co Ltd.,  Wuxi Subway Business Development Co.,Ltd., , Chongqing  Suhuang Construction Co Ltd., Chongqing Linchuang Culture Broadcasting Co Ltd., Chongqing Tinghui Advertising Co, Ltd., and U.S companies FitPro and Food and Beverage World.

Using case study examples from both sports marketing and entertainment marketing, the three day courses will help students to learn about marketing and positioning a product as a brand, understand target markets and how to reach them, and about leveraging international strategies to create valuable partnerships and revenue streams. In addition, participants will acquire proven approaches for determining the best sponsorship partnerships and the importance of creating a compelling fan experience.


Global Marketing Course in China by UCLA Extension - Course Photo 2

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MOU Singed Among California Center, China Sichuan Government and US Smart Cities Alliance During JCCT Meetings

Nov. 22, 2015 Guangdong, China – During the annual meetings of 26th US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) in Guangdong, China, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker witnessed the MOU signing among the US Smart Cities Alliance, the California Center, and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. The US Smart Cities Alliance and the California Center will cooperate with Sichuan government to help Sichuan with smart city development.  Among the witnesses include Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Stefan M. Selig, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for China within the International Trade Administration, Patrick Santillo.

For more info, please visit:

About JCCT:

The JCCT, established in 1983, is a forum for high-level dialogue on bilateral trade issues between the United States and China. From its inception until 2004, the JCCT was co-chaired by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and China’s Minister of Commerce. Following the December 2003 meeting of President Bush and Premier Wen the two sides agreed the Commission would be co-chaired on the U.S. side by two cabinet officials (the Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative) and, on the Chinese side, by the Vice Premier responsible for foreign trade. The JCCT also includes 16 active working groups covering a wide variety of issues and industries including, intellectual property, environment, information industry, pharmaceutical and medical devices, statistics, commercial law, and trade and investment, among others.